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15 Mar 2020
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Can anyone recommend a decent brand of quality general/wood screws that tend not to round or head breaks off? I don't want any with the thread like spax as some will be going into fischer duopower wall plugs.
Curious to know what the issue with Spax is, have been buying Yellox for my general purpose use.
I've just gone through boxes of forge fast MDF screws, Spectre general purpose wood screws and Screwfix turbo gold (?). All PZ2 drive, all very good, but the forge fast ones tended to round off when drilled into harder woods (but they are for MDF after all...)
Turbo gold are the standard in my industry, which involves a lot of rough and ready impact driving, very little rounding over, if at all.
The absolute best I've come across are Wurth ASSY screws, they have a torx/hex combination drive which is excellent and they start in timber very easily.
I keep coming back to Reisser. Self cut. Easy drive and impact bits do not knacker them.
I converted to Reisser earlier this year, I got 10,000 4 by 60 mm at a reasonable price.

I find them slow to start even in the softest wood, Not sure if I'll continue with them or try something else.
Curious to know what the issue with Spax is, have been buying Yellox for my general purpose use.
Sorry thought the thread had been deleted. I was advised not to use Spax type screw because when using rawl plugs they ruin them when driving in.
Local DIY store, part of a garden centre. Ah, I said picking up a box of Reisser in a size I was running low on, my favourite screws.

"You've got a FAVOURITE Screw", she mocked....

But I have, and it is.
Those are R2s, not Cutters*. If you want fast starting as Spectric said you want Cutters (they have slotted tips to form a drill-like bit).

*Probably said with too much confidence but there is nothing in that that suggests they are the cutter version. Seems a pretty good price, I always end up using Toolstation, and (for the cutter version) they want the same money for fewer screws.

Reisser Cutter Pozi Screw Tub 4.0 x 60mm (
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R2 do the job , but as I said don't start that quick.

For the price, they will do.