Dare I look?


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19 Jan 2013
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Southampton area
Just had a you tube suggestion of a video to look at " A new way to use your table saw"

Maybe I'll look from behind the sofa later!
I just love this thumbnail.

Your first table saw: A step-by-step guide to making your first cuts. Woodworking BASICS

Generally a good video on safety though.

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Looks like lesson 1 is remove blade guard :rolleyes:

His "Top Tip" at the end is to focus on the fence NOT the blade 😬, err the fence won't be cutting your fingers off........
I like this one, I've had similar experiences with offcuts getting trapped between the fence and blade and shooting back with some serious power, enough to punch a hole in a 12mm sheet of OSB evidently.

I have just watched this and learnt some stuff I didn't know.

Well worth a watch for a beginner like myself I think.