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niall Y

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1 Nov 2018
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The 1st of June, and I went out before breakfast for a wander around the garden. My goodness, things are very behind for this time of year.

I know that one shouldn't use "Chelsea" as any kind of bench- mark, as they use a lot of artifice and trickery to make their flowers bloom, but even so, this year things are really behind.
The Clematis aren't too bad, but of the roses, only a few are in bloom. The Foxgloves are spindly and short this year, and the Aquilegias are scrawny and many have no flower.

In the veg patch, the potatoes are late but are now growing nicely. I think this might be reflected in other parts of the country, as potatoes seem hard to come by in any quantity in the shops.
Onions , again late but healthy. The garlic on the other hand is struggling to make any growth at all.

All the veg seed I have planted directly in the soil has shown little signs of coming through, apart from the spinach. I might have to give up on the parsnips, which will not germinate in the cold.

Looking on the brighter side - there is never a year where some things don't do well, which compensates in some way for the poor performers. :)