Damp in Victorian house dining room


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Well, some "good old tradesmen" built the house properly in the first place. Unfortunately, some of the "good old tradesmen" who followed didn't understand the principles of these older buildings.

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Yes if I’d known when I’d joined there was a MikeG I wouldn’t have done mikeg and I’ve tried to change it but can’t! 🙈
I know this thread is two years old, but just wanted to say what an enjoyable read it was, to the OP well done for listening, to MikeG well done for persevering, and to everyone else that had a positive input.
Yes - good thread. And good to hear it's all OK two years on.

Peter Ward on YT has some vids. He also has a pretty comprehensive website: heritage-house.org which is all about old houses and damp.

He's a geochemist and geologist.

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