Damn Yandles! I'm gonna go bankrupt at this rate!


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28 May 2023
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I was in Taunton today for work, so I thought I'd nip across to Yandles, as it's only 25mins away.
I picked up a few tools and such, popped them in the van, and headed back in to the timber sheds.

It was amazing. So many types of wood, it was almost overwhelming. Was also the first time I saw Purpleheart in real life and handled a Banksia nut (Although didn't get one)
Picked up some Tulipwood, Sycamore and Oak spindles - Then saw the Zebrano and a few others in the same room (I can't remember what they were). Then I had to go and get a basket. Ended up filling the basket with a wicked variety of woods - Including Leadwood which is as heavy as it's name suggests, and the guy at the counter was like 'Thats a chisel bluntener!'

I can't wait to work on them - But I'm holding myself back - Gonna turn a trees worth of B&Q-grade wood already in my garage to get more of a feel for the tools, and then move onto the pen blanks to get a feel for the different woods.

Only posting here because I just unloaded it all and am buzzing. Much props to the guy there (Older chap) - Really knew his stuff, Gave me some great recommendations.

Long story short - Went to Yandles, Got wood.
Been to Yandles, got Wood, busted overdraft and got busted by SWMBO when bank statement came in.

Learn from my mistakes, take cash, she will never know again 🤣🤣🤣🤣
If you only use a basket then you are not taking Yandles seriously enough! Start with the trolley and end when you have jammed up the whole corridor by the till - preferably you need several staff helping to take your wood to the car - then you are doing it properly!
At first I was annoyed that it was a 1.5hr drive.... But I feel like my bank account is glad that it's so out of the way :D
But hey, I'm just starting out, So a basket'll do me for now :D
Thats when you drive home the long way scenic route for an hour of peace enjoying the lovely British countryside
Love Yandles. A literal gem. There is a good air bnb right next to it, just in case you feel like a multi day spend athon. Don’t ask me how I know…
My wifes brother lives in Martcok so we visit regularly. I am lucky though as my wife does wood turning she normally ends up spending more than me. :)
Guilty as charged love Yandles .... good job it's just over 3hrs away! will be going down again shortly and will ensure there's enough space on the way back for some supplies..... ;)

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