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12 Feb 2016
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In November I decided to bite the bullet and bought a cyclone from Axminster to use with a 2hp extractor.

Axminster Craft ACCIH Cyclone Interceptor Head

Yes despite the advice from others on this forum, it dose only have 100mm inlet and outlet, yes it dose kill the suction.

the upside
It dose do what its say on the can.

My main issue was the cartridge filter I have would become clogged and latterly pop off the extractor resulting in the extractor resembling a dust fountain, as it became clogged the suction would Slowley decrease.

The suction remains constant, I use it on the CNC, planer thicknesses and table saw.
On the CNC it preforms very well, the table saw its acceptable and the planer thicknesses could be better to be honest.

I got a 220l barrel and a fixed the cyclone to the top of it.
Filled the barrel twice now, no needed to clean the filter and suction has remained constant, can really complain.

Looking to make a with 125mm inlet and 2x 100mm outlet. to see it if its a improvement.
I probably wouldnt.... what is the extractor? Make / model?
The truth is, most machines at that size have a 100mm inlet, so your airflow is restricted to 100mm. Putting on a bigger pipe upstream will most likely just reduce air speed. Extraction is tricky, but bigger is the key, plus can you show a photo or 2 of your thicknesser hood?
The extractor is a SIP 2hp item number 01449.

The main reason for wanting to trying a Thien baffle is so I can have the CNC running on one port and use the other at the same time.
This worked well when before I started using the cyclone as the extractor has a 2x100mm to 125mm Y piece on the inlet.
Ok, i didnt see mention of a thein baffle in the original post.
I guess its your time that is the cost.... interestingly, im about to order the bits from ductfix to make a big diy cyclone. I was thinking of a thein kinda mixed idea, but for cheapness and speed im going with diy cyclone, which i can easily change later. ( im using premade bends to create the cyclone pathway.

The thein mixed idea would have used flexible steel 8" bent round an 8" central former. I was thinking of simply cutting a 70/80mm channel out of the bottom coil.

When you seperate your axi cyclone, does the in pipe bend around the inside to encourage the air in a circular flow or just stop dead?
Oh yeah, sorry i forgot.... your thicknesser extractor hood.... get us a photo please.
I have a basic homemade dustbin cyclone 100mm and it struggled like hell to take away the chips. My fairly new axi 1.5hp extractor isnt great.

After a lot of info from a member ( inspector aka pete ) i discovered part of the problem was lack of air getting to the chips from outside the hood, which restricted the already limited airflow.... drilled a few holes, instant improvement
Looks good @Dlyxover Ive a couple of cyclones & have found them excellent, I’m just about to start on a third, could I ask where you got your barrel please.
I got it from a chap in Manchester who was selling them on Facebook market place was £10
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After a near miss with my cyclone fire I was in the market for a steel oil drum to cannibalise to make a replacement and I found lots on eBay way cheaper than commercial ones. My original bin was a 220l plastic drum from this company - I cannot remember how much I paid for it however they are now north of £120 which is crazy. I ended up picking up two clean 220l ex-solvent oil drums for £5 ea from a guy local to me in Essex - search for the-oddity-finder on eBay if that works for you - the seller was a lovely guy and regularly gets stock in from a friend.

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