Could this be Spanish Cedar?

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14 Jun 2015
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This was the door frame from a mahogany wardrobe (all the rest of the wood is, I'm pretty sure, Honduras mahogany), date around 1870-1915 at a guess from the style. It's being made into a ukulele neck.

But it's very obviously not the same wood as the rest of the carcass, even though it looks identical under the original tinted finish. It's less dense, has large open pores, and I think (getting over a cold!) it smells like the only piece of Spanish Cedar I've worked with before.

Is my guess a good one, or are there other candidates for what it might be? It doesn't matter ultimately - it will do the job I need it for just fine - but it would be nice to tell its owner something more specific than "It's made of wardrobe" :D

This is a pretty close to quarter sawn face:

Cedar quarter sawn view.jpg

Here is the end grain, sawn on the right, planed on the left.

Cedar end grain view.jpeg


  • Cedar quarter sawn view.jpg
    Cedar quarter sawn view.jpg
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  • Cedar end grain view.jpeg
    Cedar end grain view.jpeg
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Forgot to add that the Spanish Cedar I had previously was fairy recently cut, and was a distinct pink. This is much more of a pale orange in colour, not far off the colour in the pictures.
Yes, very helpful thanks. Pretty sure now it's one of the cedrela species, end grain is very similar (or would be if my block plane didn't need sharpening), so I'll call it Spanish Cedar unless someone gives me reason to think otherwise.