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23 Oct 2021
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Hull, England, UK
Hi all, I just wondered if anyone has come across a quick “generalised“ list of different woods and sorted into an order of cost, ie most expensive one at the top going down to cheapest?

I think it would help us all when we are designing a project - thinking about and deciding the wood we would build projects from.

Kind Regards… Rob
I found this. It’s all I could find. What do people think?

Wood Cost Comparison | Most Expensive Wood in the World

The trouble with wood prices is that they can constantly change relative to each other, depending on circumstances. You could probably put together a pretty basic general list of say North American timbers that would hold good for a while with say American Black Walnut at the top followed by Cherry Maple White Oak, Ash and Poplar. European timber equivalents of these are generally dearer.

When I was working full time and more up on prices, it could still be tricky when quoting. Firms would often be offering what seemed to be favourable prices, but did not have any stock, when you phoned them. A general rule of thumb is that the darker the wood the more expensive it will probably be.

I remember one year that there was a particularly wet autumn in North America, and the wood was difficult to harvest, resulting in scarcity of of Maple, and the prices were hiked up considerably. And, then of course there are the falls of the pound against the dollar which messes up prices considerably
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Black Walnut is always expensive, which is a shame as its gorgeous. Many of the really expensive woods have become almost unobtainable now due to preservation initiatives like CITES and things ( not a bad thing overall ) like Rosewoods, certain Ebony, etc.
In fact musicians have to be careful travelling with instruments as they can be seized at customs if made from woods on the CITES list, even if made before they were banned, I believe there might be ways to certify the instruments if historic etc.

The list above is out of date because currently Accoya is more than Prime European Oak, though as a general list its not far off. Certainly not comprehensive though.

bought another 12 pallets yesterday........1mx1m very heavy....4euros each....
to help with the move n after a dog box.....still cheaper than buying rubbish pine....
have a good system now for taking them apart without splitting.......

1,5 years ago I paid 500euro's per cube for carp Euro idea now....I've never been back.....

I promised myself to build a smart modern d/room table n 6 chairs from Oak.....that aint gonna happen now.....
bought a used set from a rich returning Brit.....the 600euro's I paid wouldn't buy the chairs now.....
Brooks Brothers published a list of timber that they stocked which students that I taught used to cost their designs and projects as it made comparisons easier than if they bought materials locally.
To be fair the prices were held and seemed high but the timber we bought on occasions from them was consistently decent and well prepared