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Wanted Coronet 3 Lathe Small Tool Rest


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Oppressed Slave of Gary The Cat
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10 Jul 2011
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Essex UK
I currently have an additional short tool rest for my coronet 3 lathe that I suspect isn't for my lathe as while it is a good fit it still slips down and seems to be getting worse. This isn't due to dust getting in the banjo slot either.

In short I'm looking for a tool rest which has a rest measure approximately 4" across that will fit a coronet 3. I can't weld or really engineer this type of thing so if anyone has one knocking about or have any other suggestions that would be great.

Thank you 😊
I think I have a spare 4 inch one in the shed but not sure what the spigot size is until I find it
Really you need to know the correct stem size.
I see from the post at the top of the woodturning section that the Coronet Envoy takes a 1" stem & as most makes are standard across their range it's likely that yours is the same.
Common cause is using a 25mm stem in a 1" (25.4mm) banjo.