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14 Feb 2012
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This post is fumbling around because I am seeking advice and guidance on something from a very long time ago. I cannot do woodworking because of reaction to sawdust so I am looking to do copper work in the form of goblets, bowls and vessels. When in school many , many years ago I can remember doing this type of work in metalwork classes. I dare say this would be completely out of bounds today. I have tried looking for Videos , book etc but am struggling to find meaning full help. I think it the nature of the search words I am using. Can someone point me in the direction to get the information. I remember using hydrochloric acid, potassium chloride,brassing wire around the lip and base, and using a leather sand bag just to give an idea of where I am coming from. Thanks.
While on vacation to Cornwall a few years ago, I spent most of one day watching Michael Johnson, at the Copper Works Newlyn, making small copper sail boats for an exhibition. He had other projects in various stages of progress and had two interns working for him. If you are up to the drive, it's worth the visit.

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