Convertible Mitre/Table Saws: any good?

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My first saw was a Scheppach table/ miter saw very similar to this. The table allows ripping of small boards up to about 2 " thick which beats hand cutting everytime. As a starter saw it should do the basics . Blade guarding is minimal so have plenty of pushsticks to hand.
There was a YT video about a similar concept saw (albeit a cheapie) - BUT it looks like the issues would be similar.

Looks like a dangerous idea to me - you can buy 2 Evolution dedicated machines for about the same as the Bosch.

These saws are designed for rough mobile carpentry where a few millimetres or degrees off here and there do not matter.

One frequently missing feature is that in table saw configuration, the blade is always at a 90(ish) degree angle to the table, with no ability to mitre cut lengthwise. I'd be pretty disappointed if my table saw blade could not cut mitres.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are a DIYer, meticulous planning of every operation and its sequence is likely not something you want to do in your spare time. Without planning, you have to keep changing the combined saw configuration - mitre/table and back - which may get annoying pretty quickly.

For a workshop (regardless of how small), these combination saws do not make any sense.

Just buy separate mitre and table saws and put your mitre saw on top of the table saw - it will take the same floor space but will give you infinitely more options. The mitre saw will probably have to be purchased with weight in mind, but that's the only limitation.
The Bosch looks pretty dangerous to me. I think I'd give it a miss. I bought a secondhand Elektra Bekum KGT500 flip saw which is IMHO safer and works well in a small shop. It's made out of an alloy (aluminium?) rather than steel but works well for me. In table saw mode it has a reasonably sized table to which a fence can be attached, had to make it myself though. The blade can be tilted. In chop saw mode it's OK. It can be turned to cut at various angles in both axes. Personally I'd suggest you look for something similar.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply.

You've all pretty much confirmed my own thoughts- the attraction was the space-saving element, but there are too many negatives beyond that... I'm going to pass.

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