compressors... what to get?

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8 Aug 2012
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having been lent a soda blaster for the next 3 months & my little old 24L compressor not being up to the job im looking at compressors.

im not a big air user, my spraying is all HVLP, i currently only have a small powdercoat gun + pin/nailer, but intend to add a small sand blaster & soda blaster to allow me to clean up small used parts before powdercoating

currently looking at the SGS 100-Litre-Air-Compressor-14-6CFM-3HP-100L - its the lowest price but its also quite low profile meaning i could probably keep it under a work bench.

but have also seen
HAWK TOOLS 100 LITRE 100l BELT DRIVE 230V 3HP 11.7 CFM V ENGINE AIR COMPRESSOR - the few compressor users i know tell me belt driven is better?

finally at the absolute max of my budget is the Wolf Air Compressor Dakota 150L 3HP 14CFM 240v Twin Cylinder Pump Belt Drive, this the biggest in the sizes i have looked at, but am thinking you can never have too big a tank?

anyone know anything about compressors able to throw any info in? or suggest any other options for the £200 - £400 (max) budget
forget the first one you listed, you want belt drive for anything over 50ltr. id go for the wolf, ive not done much blasting for a long time so if it was me id take the 90ltr wolf for £280 but if you think you are going to need a big tank then buy the best you can afford
thanks Alex, the 150l wolf is winning me over right now, im very conscious that i dont want to scrimp on the tank capacity, have struck the 1t & 2nd one off the list.
Looks a decent unit for the money. £354 delivered from one Amazon seller, looks a bargain.

Sheptonphil":4o02d1no said:
Looks a decent unit for the money. £354 delivered from one Amazon seller, looks a bargain.


just found that, yeah hard to argue with that price
I have the 3hp 90l belt-drive Wolf and I am very happy with it, reasonably quiet (much more so than my 6l direct drive nail gun comp) good solid air delivery and 2 outputs.

I 've not seen the ones in your url , but as a general thing get a two cylinder machine with belt drive and a big tank, 100 litres at least. also checks that it has a working 10 bar pressure.
btw lidl this week will have loads of air tools for sale, all of them dirt cheap.
impact wrench £20
sandblaster gun - £10
paint spray gun - £10
ROS sander £13
and some other tools..

bargain for those who have air compressor...