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12 Dec 2008
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Lymm, Cheshire
I was wondering whether anyone has added a laser to their cnc?
I've got a small bench top cnc from ooznest that I no longer use since I got my large machine and was thinking about switching it from a router to a laser but haven't a clue where to start. Any advice on which laser, power etc for engraving and cutting thin ply?

Depends on your power supply rating.
You can always add a separate power supply to suit the laser module.
I wouldn't go below a 10w optical power output module.
Similar idea here, but using existing cnc controller and power.
The cnc controller should be fine, as all you really need is X,Y control, most diode modules are manual focused. Assuming your controls are GRBL, in which case lightburn easy to use software.

My very serious concern about this (I used to run a business building lasers) is one of safety. If you doubt my concerns the go to Morrisons, buy a fish with eyes intact and try lasering an eye.

You then need to decide to build this machine to class 4 or class 1. Review if the space you are working in is likely to have pets or small children. If it is then it needs to be fully enclosed with safety interlocks. If not then review every possible light exist from your work zone and secure it.

Spend time reading safety subjects on this. These are not toys

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