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For Sale CNC Router - Self-Build Components


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Great collection of components, if you split it I would be interested in some parts. As a minor observation you wouldn't want to use 4 transformers to power the stepper drivers, better to use a single regulate 80v dc PSU. I couldn't see if the components and the stepper drivers are ac/dc converters? thanks Sam
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Hi Sam,
Thanks for your interest and I'll bear you in mind if/when I split the lot. If you drop me a PM with a list of the parts you might be interested in I'll take a look at prices etc.

Thanks also for your observation regarding the transformers. I went back and forth on this subject for a long time (and please forgive me if I'm a little rusty on the subject but it's a couple of years since I looked into it) and ultimately decided to employ the 4 separate toroidal transformers to better cope with sporadic high energy motor loads. The drivers are AC so there was no need for rectification, smoothing or regulation and I believe that the nature of toroidal transformers is that they have a slightly capacitive characteristic and can deliver short bursts of current quickly. It is probably a bit overkill to have 1 for each driver but I had two things in mind, 1 was to have each channel completely independent of the others, the other was that I wanted to over-engineer the whole project in the hope that it would be the last CNC router I ever needed to build (but we all know how that goes! :rolleyes: ).