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7 Feb 2019
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Starting to get a collection of Chuck jaws now and thinking of best way to fix these to a board for easy access.

After ideas and pictures of how people have done this using easy to get fixings, can think of a lot of ways to do this but what do you think is the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance.
I keep mine in a drawer because
a) I have no free wall space
b) They take up less room
c) It keeps them clean
Not much help at the immediate moment but have just started to make one to fit on the wall. so over the next week will be starting properly as I only came out of the hospital yesterday with instructions to take it easy
I have mine hanging on nails on the side of my chisel storage rack. Not pretty but it works! Running out of space though now :lol:
I wash / dry tuna tins for mine to keep them in the drawer, I find them a perfect size.

Alternative if you want them on the wall, buy some lengths of water pipe, turn up some bungs and then route a slot down them for the carriers to slide in so you store them vertically held in pipe.


PS - just realised, option 2 above only works if you’ve got carriers for each set of jaws. Assume you have else simple nail work work I assume.
Like Robbo I also have no wall space left I have a number of plastic drawer sets about my shop and under benches. Cheep as chips at big diy stores. I use these for a lot of storage. The ones near my lathe hold chucks, chuck jaws in the drawer above, and tail stock bits, Jacobs chucks etc the one above that. After a while I can get the right drawer mostly by the second attempt. :lol:
I found my most convenient solution was to adapt an old set of Kitchen Drawers to take my chucks and accessories.

This drawer also has a low wattage heater bulb installed and running 24/7 which keeps everything rust free.

The lowest deepest drawer houses my not in use Lathe chucks.

Two more shallow drawers above hold my sharpening guides, callipers, repetitive marking guides etc.


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Well due to recovering after a hospital visit I completed the rack which seemed to take forever compared to before.
This is complete but yet to be screwed to the wall but it will give an idea how I will store mine I have left an empty row at the top just incase, I still need to look at the cole jaws but for the moment they are OK where they are.

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