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6 Apr 2009
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Twyning, Gloucestershire.
Hi All I hope you are all keeping safe. I have an issue with my chop saw it stopped dead mid cut and the motor started to smoke. I automatically thought it was the brushes and changed them today but no joy. The blade doesn’t turn ( I checked for bits of wood!) but the motor does try to turn. Hopefully there will be a video attached to help! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’ll can’t attach video but would still appreciate suggestions based on the above info.
Sounds like new motor time, it's possible that the bearings are knackered causing the motor to stop, but if the magic smoke has come out it's not long for this world even if you replace the bearings.

Most chop saws are gear driven from the motor. At this stage you have nothing to lose by stripping it and seeing if the teeth on the cogs are jammed.
But that kind of repair could well cost most of the price of a cheap replacement. You have to decide what it will cost you either way.