Charnwood W629: any views?

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8 Jul 2020
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West Yorkshire
As explained on other entries, I am looking to buy a table saw or saw bench for my workshop. This would be my first table saw. I am constrained by the size of my workshop (4.3m x 3m, with other equipment already installed) and to some extent, by price. I really wouldn’t wish to pay more than £1000 for the saw plus key accessories, eg wheels, any sliding unit. I have been looking at the AxminsterAC216 TS (have been reading other threads on this website about this), the Record TS250C-PK/A (which I now find may not be ok due to the irregular sized mitre slots for crosscutting), and I’m now investigating the Charnwood W629.

Does anyone have one of these and if so, what are your thoughts? Also, what is the mitre slot size? Really interested to read pros and cons. Thanks in anticipation.
I have been looking at the Charnwood myself. If you haven't already seen it, there is a really good review on YouTube by Mathew Small. It convenvinced me
I've got a charnwood table saw and it's pants. Wouldn't recommend them to anybody
It would really helpful if you could list a few of the issues that you have had, I the model and how long you have had it for. That would be appreciated.

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