Charnwood 10" Drum Sander ?

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24 May 2024
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Good evening/morning,
I'm planning to buy a this drum sander but I'm not sure if this model will be suitable for my project.
I need to achieve high precision of the polished element, i.e. 3.2 mm, and the dimension must be repeatable with larger quantities.
The wood is dry-spruce (whitewood) 38 mm wide and 200 mm long.
I will be grateful for your advice.
I’m not sure what you mean by the polished element but you can certainly achieve accurate dimensions that are repeatable with a drum sander.

It’s a big investment for one project - what is it that you are making?

Edit - there is another thread on the forum about this machine which says the minimum thickness of stock is 5mm. To achieve 3.2mm you will need to sit your piece on a board which is faced with fine sandpaper and adjust the height accordingly.
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Hello, the Specification for this drum sanders contains information about the minimum thickness of the processed material: 5 mm. I would like to make sure if it is possible to change it. I read somewhere that it is possible to change this through regulations. Your suggestion is good too.
I have a lot of waste, several thousand pieces of varying thickness from 4 to 6 mm. I'm going to roughly cut it on a table saw, and I'm planning on using a drum sander to be exact.
How precise do you need the thickness to be? Wood is such a variable material and you will be doing well if you achieve +/- 0.1mm within the same piece of wood. With such a large quantity to process, wear of the abrasive will be another variable.
Have you got dust extraction? If not, wearing a good quality mask will be essential.
This is not going to be a quick process. Will you have to sand both sides?
What standard of finish are you aiming for? If you want to polish the final surface you may need at least 2 grades of abrasive.
If you can give us more details of your project we may be able make some alternative suggestions.
The project is some like Kumiko, so thickness is important for connections, but I think the accuracy you describe will be ok. The only thing that I worries is the minimum thickness of the sand element in this machine. Maybe one of the users of this forum has this model and could give advise.