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niall Y

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1 Nov 2018
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Now here is a question: does anyone still use casein glue? This is prompted by a recent conversation about Yak Chews, for dogs. Yes, there is indeed such a thing and they are made from yack's milk.

I've never used casein glue myself, but versions made from cheese and lime were used back in the 16th century, to glue up panels for the Dutch and Flemish artists to paint on. I know it is also used to make quite a good faux-ivory as well. Which gets me back to my original question: is anyone out there still using it?
Casein glue is made from water buffalo cheese (mozorella) I think. It’s supposed to be easy to make, strong and water resistant but the cheese needs to be very fresh, and therein lies the problem. Getting freshly made water buffalo cheese can be tricky.
I have never used it. Casein glues are still available and you can make your own with milk, at least according to YouTub.

One of the brands is Cascamite is sold on Amazon.
Thanks for the reply. The Cascamite I know is, a Urea Formaldehyde glue. And, one I used a lot during my woodworking career. Though I'm not sure if it is - or was - related in any way to Casein glue.
I remember being taught about casein glue in my early woodworking career but I've not knowingly come across it in real life. I believe it was used for plywood at some time and also in glider construction before the advent of modern glues.
No problem,, you might have been mixing it up with Casco, which I believe was an American brand of casein glue.

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