Carpet Tiles in a Workshop - Thoughts (Good or Bad Idea?)

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Recently moved. The garage which is being upgraded to a workshop has a slab concrete floor which has been tamped but is not smooth.

Size constraints mean many machine are/will be mounted on castors - bandsaw, plane, thicknesser etc to enable long stock to be processed. The slab finish means the castors do not run smoothly. Also as noted above concrete is fairly unforgiving on feet and dropped tools.

I had planned (after a bit of research) to go with interlocking vinyl tiles - the following seem fit for purpose, should provide a smooth hardwearing surface and relatively cheap TILES .

Any opinions on this would be welcomed - I had not considered carpet tiles due to dust and spills but may be a worthwhile alternative.
Hi. Have you thought about self levelling compound. It will cover all the undulations in the original floor, and give a very hard flat surface for wheeled equipment. A coat of paint will make it more spill resistant. You can then use foam floor matting where you stand for long periods. It’s a lot cheaper than garage flooring. I’ve done it in mine and it transformed the space. Just a thought.
B&M Home Bargains are sellin packs of interlocking foam floor tiles for £16 for 2sq M. Rolson branded so they should be available at other DIY stores. They are only listing this smaller size on the web site, but they had the big ones in the store as well. Foam Mats 9 Piece - Grey