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Banning that which a danger to the public generally, or can be used inappropriately, makes sense - firearms, agricultural products etc. Others are sold under license - industrial chemicals, medicines etc.

These items can sometimes be procured illegally but generally the public accept and comply.

What sets tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drugs apart is that they are addictive to the point that users will not accept legal constraints. An illegal market is the result driving prices higher.

The product vacuum tends to get filled by organised crime happy to pursue profit irrespective of a moral dimension. US prohibition is a prime example. Even in the UK today it is estimated 21% of tobacco consumed is smuggled, driven no doubt by high taxation.
I wouldn't call dope smoking a way of life, for most anyway. Just an occasional little self indulgence - not for me particularly haven't been near it for very many years. Had to watch my kids growing up and experimenting too. Non of them did it for long. One of them had a bit of a booze prob, non of them smoked
For myself and many others I know it was exactly that , not just for recreational use but sometimes as currency itself -in short used as part payment for other goods /services . It’s all behind me now and apart from the health risks , the cost etc the biggest deterrent for me was its no better than drink driving . If you were to be involved in a serious accident with life changing injuries to a 3rd party even if the accident was not your fault you would almost certainly be held responsible just as if you were over the drink limit ( which should be 0 ) outside of background traces from food or mouth wash etc ..
I don't mind people doing it as long as they do me no harm, I've seen a lot of harm caused from alcohol but I don't exactly want people smoking skunk around me either because it stinks lol
Silly "doctors" have recently suggested that 7 grams of cannabis....
equates to 4 bottles of vodka!. :unsure:

Perhaps they meant those miniature novelty ones? :)