CAD - Computer Aided Dilemma?

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It helps that for a few years in my early twenties I made a living painting guitars, petrol tanks and leather jackets etc etc by hand, and selling black+white ink works - I like to think that 'got my eye in' :)
I'd say you've definitely got your eye in. Very good indeed. Slainte.
On a side note, for a bit of fun I started doing a hand drawn sketch of the cabinet. After twenty minutes I had the bare bones sketched out in pencil. I reckon that if can be bothered to get the energy together and finish it I'd need to spend perhaps another hour doing my own 'rendering' with drafting pens and magic markers, with the result being a bit wonky perspective wise, and perhaps proportion a bit off, but good enough to get the general idea across ...
So, I found I could get motivated enough to finish the doodle. Total time about an hour in front of an A4 sketch pad, then about five minutes in Photoshop to scan, resize, sharpen, and adjust levels a bit, and save with the following end result. Not perfect, and I know I could have done a better job if I'd maybe dug out a rule to help keep lines straight, been a bit more careful using two point perspective, and my attention hadn't been half on the England v Ireland game I was watching at the same time, but there you go. Slainte.

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