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For Sale Bungard CCD/2 CNC PCB/engraving/drilling machine


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Sporky McGuffin

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22 May 2015
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Headley Down
Bought this over 15 years ago when I made guitar effect pedals, as I wasn't doing mass production, and I despaired for the quality of PCBs I was getting from other places. I also made a bit of pin-money doing one-off PCBs and test runs for other people at £40 an hour... With the Kavo spindle, manual tool change. It does PCBs (up to double-sided, though I did everything with single-sided), and can engrave various materials; it can I believe do very limited milling in plastic and other materials - it doesn't have a lot of Z-axis range. Details of the very-similar-indeed current version from the manufacturer (who are a jolly friendly and helpful bunch) here:

This is essentially an industrial prototyping machine for PCB houses to test Gerber and Excellion data, not a hobby grade CNC machine. This never missed a beat, just kept churning out really lovely quality PCBs. The machine itself, new, is around £7000 plus VAT, and I'm including a load of other bits:
  • Isolation case
  • Extractor (it's a domestic vacuum cleaner with an auto on/off switch from the machine)
  • A LOT of bits - drills from 0.4mm to 3.2mm, some isolation cutters, and some cutout bits, all with depth stop collars
  • A depth stop block for uncollared bits
  • A bundle of unused PCB stock
  • A big pile of backing sheets
  • A set of clamps (though I mostly used masking tape) to hold the PCB stock down
  • A PCB guillotine
  • All the cabling
  • My EAGLE libraries, and my Excellion drill rack
You will need to add:
  • Your own choice of PCB design software (I used Eagle, which is now part of Autocad, and there is a free version for hobbyists)
  • A PC to control the machine, with a proper hardware serial port (or a USB to RS232 adaptor; Bungard suggest (and sell, as do Amazon) the Digitus ones)
  • A free download of RoutePro, which is the software that drives the machine from the PC
  • Probably a purchase of ISOCAM from Bungard, which is €880 - I am happy to include the CD and security dongle for my older copy but it requires a proper hardware parallel port, and 32-bit Windows
  • Or a different isolation milling generator - there's an Instructable here that shows how to do it with free software - PCB Designing and Isolation Milling Using Only Free Software
  • A mains socket
Alternatively I have an old Windows 2000 machine that ran the whole shebang and has ISOCAM on it, but also has a lot of other stuff I'll need to clean off it.

£4391 for the whole lot including the PC - collection only. At that price I am happy to also run through how to use it and make a PCB.


And in its former home, set up and running - you can see the extractor vacuum under the desk:

Finally a few examples of what I made with it. The pedals went on world tours and all sorts, including some artists you'd have heard of.


I know this is a bit niche, but it's a genuinely brilliant machine. Happy to answer questions...


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