Brad nailer, how much air does it use?

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12 Jul 2019
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Seems a crazy question but I need to get a Brad nailer and have just about ruled out the electric offerings. What’s left is basically a compressor plus a gun but unless you’re prepared to spend a fair bit, most of these compressors generate 95 to 97dB of noise.

I’m not really keen on having another 95dB+ noise source in the garage anyway but I really need to know how often the compressor is likely to kick in when using a typical 40 - 50mm Brad nail-firing gun.
I read somewhere of some guy complaining that his compressor kicked in every 6 ot 8 brads and it was driving him crazy - this is exactly the situation that I want to avoid!
I’m looking at a typical 10psi, 25litre type compressor of which there seem to be a zillion variants.
I have a couple of compressors, but the small portable one that I use for my Brad Nailer or Stapler whilst out on site is only a
6ltr tank. After the initial turn on and it's up to pressure, I imagine it may only turn on once more during the firing of 50 Brad's.

My guess would be that the guy you mentioned had a faulty compressor...!!

If you are thinking of getting a 25ltr compressor, I reckon you could fire your 50 nails and it wouldn't refill at all....
just a heads up, i just bought the Orazio 24lts air compressor off ebay i was same as you not wanting a loud compressor in workshop, was looking at the SGS one but at 95 Db ruled it out as it would drive me crazy, i can confirm it is very quiet, and yes like all the reviews say the air tap leaks (£3 to put a decent 1 on), so as Disintiorer say s he runs a 6 ltr on on his brad nailer, you could buy a 6 ltr Orazio silent for same price as a 25ltr normal compressor

just a thought
my little Senco compressor will easily run my 18g and even the 16g brad nailer and is very quiet.
Thanks guys,
Looking into one of these now. Bit afraid of buying one of the Italian ones from abroad - I’m one of those poor sods that stuff goes wrong for all the time! I don’t want to be sending something like this to Italy or Romania etc!