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2 Jun 2019
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Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and would like some help please. I have an old Bosch PHO 2-82 planer and would like some advice on the best way to connect my workshop vac. The problem is that the waste vent on the planer helpfully is a roughly 6cm x 4cm parallelogram! I have tried duct-taping it to the vac but hopeless. Any suggestions how to make an adaptor or where to buy one please?
Planer shavings are generally long stringy things that will clog up a shop vac pretty quickly. A real dust collector will do a bit better with it's larger diameter ductwork and high volume low pressure flow characteristics but the best bet is probably going to be to let the shavings fall to the floor and collect them with a broom and dust pan.
I've got the same model planer. I rarely use it but when I do I use a hose from an old commercial vacuum cleaner. It has a right angle bend at the end, designed to plug into the cleaner and swivel. To give it some flexibility, it was made with four cuts in it, which would have let it click into place. These cuts coincide with the square edges of the rectangular outlet so I can just jam the end of the hose on. The bend allows the hose to run back beside the flex, out of the way.

I use it on an ordinary shop vac, not an extractor and don't get blockages.

Sorry I can't take a photo right now but hope this helps.

Get some plastic drainage pipe, and warm the end with a heat gun. It will become pliable and you can form it into the parallelogram shape by squeezing and cajoling it onto the extractor port on your planer. The other end can stay as a circle and it will be easier to connect to a vac.

Might take some practice, but it can be done.

If you don't get a perfect fit, inner tube rubber is great to adjust diameter of connectors. But, if you choose a plastic pipe roughly the same diameter as the parallelogram, it can be widened or squeezed to get a snug fit.
You might need gloves so you don't get burned.

Try 32mm drainage pipe. Else 40mm if the former is too small.

Please let us know how you get on.

Good luck

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Thank you for the great replies. Much appreciated. I will post photos of my attempts to create a new Bosch spare part!! Thanks again. J