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15 Oct 2013
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Of all my bench mounted tools, my Bench Grinder is the one that gets the most use..

I have gradually upgraded my tools over the years but still have a small, cheap grinder which works well, but I wonder if I can do better.

To be fair, it works fine... Spins up quickly and I have a load of spare stones, so I don't really need to change it.. But I have moved house, started from scratch with more than 50ft2 of workbench space, so I want to be proud of my tools.

That said, I don't want anything too big, which will take up too much space.. So a 5" would do, or perhaps even 6"?

I guess if I could have one thing, I would like to change the wheels easily? I am not sure if any offer a quick change feature, but it would be nice to switch to a different wheels or brushes at will if that was an option.

Is it worth upgrading? If so, any advice?


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