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8 Jun 2020
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I have had an Elektra Beckum 315 bandsaw for about 15 years. It has served me well as an amateur woodworker. Lately the head section contains the blade guides and thrust wheel have start to seem a bit loose. I can’t see how it is fitted to the slide or how to tighten it up.
Anyone got any ideas/experience with these machines that will enable me to fix it?
Hi I have a 315 and fitted an aftermarket blade guide, roller bearings (from Bedford saws I think) when the underneath bar guide broke. If I recall when I fitted it the upper guide head is held by a couple of hearty self tappers up inside the adjustable depth arm , sort of screwed up into the bottom. I have a couple of PDF guides relating if you need them. PM me if so I'll look them out.
D,if anything is worn/buggered I have the whole assy upper and lower guides should you need them, the only bad bit is the plastic lever arm has snapped.
@Democritus Will this help? It's the manual for the 315. It may show how the guides are fitted hopefully.

I did a Google for the EB315 bandsaw spares... some guides came up at Axminster Tools etc. I then tried for the manual and had this download for free - unlike a couple of other links that want to charge.


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