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4 Jul 2021
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East Yorks
Hi I’ve got an Axminster bandsaw AWEFFSBB that is let down by it blade guide I bought the machine secondhand initially I was quite pleased with it. After a while it began to wander a bit so I bought new blades and tried to set them up. I t became obvious that the guide was loose as part of the casting that mounts the guide to the slide had sheared. I got a replacement guide from Axminster and fitted it. It’s attachment to the slide is by a couple of self tapping screws which seems a bit lightweight after a couple of months of light use the new casting sheared at the same location. I contacted Axminster re upgrade but got no advice or help re upgrade but they kindly sent a replacement guide foc. I fitted it carefully taking care not to exert too much force on the self tappers just enough for the guide to seat. It was a week before I got round to running the machine and to my dismay the replacement casting had sheared without the machine being used. It Appears to me that there’s no point messing about with the Axminster parts for this machine I I need to look at replacement of slide and a new guide system. Any thoughts?
I didn't realise the guides were made of pot metal alloy
Bedford tool and co might have something to fit?

A picture of the guidepost might be helpful



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Since you have a load of guides now, it might be worth fixing?
A bit of angle iron might do the trick.
I made real quick dirty job of this machine with similar guides.
Thanks for that I didn’t think I could come up with a solution that didn’t involve a milling machine (which I don’t have). It occurred to me I might have some aluminium section that could be used I hit on the idea of laminating pieces of aluminium with superglue tapping the rear pieces and crudely milling some grooves with a pillar drill
into the aluminium that would face the sliding block. The result is on the blue tissue in the pic. Since it all gets bolted together the superglue is only needed to keep the pieces in position. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how effective using superglue can be. I’ve only ever used it before in desperation as a last resort
Does look a bit flimsy but can't help thinking there must be something else amiss for the same thing to go wrong three times in a row.
If you search AWEFSBB on here there are quite a few users but not with your problem. there something missing from the guide mounting or are you just fitting it wrongly perhaps?

PS there's a hint here that they may have a weakness Bandsaws (again)
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