Baltic birch plywood for furniture in Midlands.

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24 Jul 2020
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This is my first post on this forum so first of all hi everyone! this is such a great place to get the information from so I would appreciate you advice on where to get a decent quality 18mm birch plywood (baltic?) from in Midlands area ideally at the moment? I was challenged to make some furniture with exposed plywood faces for the first time. What are the current prices for furniture grade (B/BB?) 18mm ply? I found a place called 'farmwood products' from Ilkeston, they make kitchens out of ply but also sell the sheets, I'm waiting for quotation now but could you please recommend any other sources as well?
I've bought a fair bit of both Birch plywood (BB) and MRMDF from Gibbs and Dandy in Nottingham. They have been competitively priced but I don't know what their prices are like at the moment. The last project was a maker desk with exposed ply edges and I was very happy with the result.
I've bought some from Davies Timber at Wythall (S Birmingham) Davies Timber

- but the best stuff I've bought/seen is from Cutlist near High Wycombe, not (quite!) the Midlands but worth a look (they do precision cutting and delivery) CutList | Sheet materials Cut & Edged, Spray Prime/Lacquer, Shaker doors They supplied some for me last year to make a dining table and console table with exposed edges - fantastic quality boards.
I buy mine online from a company called Laser Ply, delivery charges seem ok and the quality seems good too. Having said that I only use it for making jigsaws and toys for grandchildren. Might be worth a look though
Thanks a lot everyone, I'll make a list along with what I found already and will check them all. If anyone else would like to add recommended supplier, it would be much appreciated.
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I was faced with sourcing good quality 18mm Birch Plywood and MR mdf for the cabinetwork in my bungalow refurb 2 years ago. I'm on Merseyside but ending up getting the sheets from Lathams. Mine came form Leeds. They have branches throughout the UK and will deliver but have a minimum order. Home | UK Timber & Decorative Panel Products | Latham Timber

.. found a place called 'farmwood products' from Ilkeston…
Interesting…right next door to my local Screwfix and never really noticed them before,may have to have a nosey myself. If you do end up coming this way, another local firm to consider is Timber Merchant & Supplies - lkeston, Derbyshire | SV Timber although their website doesn’t list bb ply but I did have some nice phenolic faced shuttering off them a while ago that was pretty reasonably priced. Usually my preferred local outlet is Welcome to Ilkeston Ply & DIY who do have quite a range of stuff .
I always use Lavers because they are handy for me, they quoted about £65 + vat a couple of days ago for 18mm Birch ply which I thought sounded reasonable considering. I am trade though and do spend quite a bit with them.
I buy mine from Falcon Panel Products. I’m in high Wycombe but they’re also in Milton Keynes and Birmingham as well as a few others. I think they’re one of the main importers to the uk but they’ve always been happy to sell me a couple of sheets.
I bought a sheet 15mm bb (I know you want 18mm, but to get an idea) for £55.80+vat about a month ago (double since a year ago)

You’ll have to let us know where you get the best price in the end so we know who gets the “best recommendations” award.
There is Davies Timber, Johnsons Timber, Barlows boards, Great barr sawmills, Simon bateman ( expensive even before the prices went up), HM lowe, Bates timber, Avon timber, Timberworld ( Arnold laver) - currently the cheapest by far. Those are all of the ones i know stock birch ply in the midlands.