Baffle Sound Insulation Box For Compressor

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19 Apr 2009
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I have a Wolf 90 litre compressor like this one, Ebay item number Bay item number: 372225303961. Even though is belt driven is still quite noisy I'd like to reduce this. I've had a look around but can't really find anything I thought was suitable. I was thinking of say MDF box lined with sound insulating tiles, with PC fan to prevent heat build up no base as could lift up and place over compressor, compressor would be rested on some rubber carpet tiles. This morning I was thinking of an actual enclosed box, on castors, contrive some type of flap so could move compressor into box.
I also have a Cyclone upright DC-1500 Dust Collector, see Blast Cabinet Dust Collector | Model DC-1500 | Cyclone Manufacturing
This is also quite noisy and I would like to make some type of enclousure for it
A PC fan wont be enough......even a bathroom fan won't do the job......
if u cant put it outside when in use and the neighbours are giving u hell....
two choices, either buy a super silent comp (talked about just a week or so ago here) or sound proof the man cave ......
2 bonuses for that, ur dust extractor noise will be reduced as well and insulation for the heating in winter....
we cant all live away from others......
Youre not going to succesfully deaden the sound because you need to allow the air to get to the compressor for compressing. The sound will travel back through that opening. They also run very hot while they are working. If youre using it a lot then its even harder to keep it cool, and remember even the fan vent will allow sound to come back out of the box.