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14 Dec 2016
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hi I have an ex 30 and have problems with arm drop, contacted axminster today - again - and seem to have got to the heart of the problem, there is a ball bearing on the end of the adjusting and it can get a flat on it, hence arm problems, I am getting a new part sent out and hopefully this will cure the problem.

take care
Glad to hear that Axi helped John. As discussed previously, I've not had that problem with my machine (an original, not Axi,Exc 21) but would be glad to hear if the part did fix your problem.
Hi AES been while since I have been on and not heard from you , hope you and yours are ok.

not received the part yet , but I did take the old one out and played with it , pushed it up and down and I think I managed to move the position of the ball bearing, it worked ok last night for a while then started to play up again, just hope it keeps going I have 17 more trees of life to make.

not on topic I have just ordered 144 titanium reverse tooth blades from Judy Gale Roberts site, they last for ages £35 including shipping, a must for anyone doing a lot of thick wood.

take care
got the replacement part today and fitted it , seems to ok for now will have to readjust it tomorrow.

take care