axminster ex 30 vibration problems

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14 Dec 2016
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hi again here's hoping you and your family's are all well,

Having recently fitted a new set of blade clamps to my ex 30 , all went well for a while,and now the saw just wants to vibrate its self to pieces, I have checked all the holding down bolts and screws all tight, checked all the bolts etc on the heads and clamps all tight, this is happening even when I not cutting any wood, it has me beat so looking to find out if anyone else has had the same problems.

The new clamps I fitted have already started to cause me problems ,the threads are once again going on the clamp thumb screws, despite being ever so careful and making sure the anvils are lose and turning, especially the top one, I am beginning to think I might have made a big mistake by not buying a hegner.

stay safe in the present crisis

saw going back to axminster next week would not send me spare parts to repair it my self.

take care
I wrote an email to the ceo of axminster last week, and today I got my reply .

no money back
my saw repaired
or a new saw with warranty until my old one runs out march 2021

I opted for the new saw.

so if you have problems write to the CEO direct and you may get the same deal as i got

take care