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4 Jun 2019
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Hey All

There isn’t a lot left in store but now it’s 35% off everything. I spotted this disc sander can’t decide to get it or not at little over 150 quid. Do I need it no? But if I do get it, it would replace my Aldi special. Thoughts?

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I am sure it depends on an individual workflow. How often do you use your Aldi one?

For me personally, a disk sander is one of those tools that you only use if it is readily available at all times, meaning it is connected to power and a dust extraction system, and all you need to start using it is to flip a switch.

I have two disk sanders, but after the initial excitement of having new shiny tools, I have never used either. Now they just sit on the shelf, collecting dust and taking up valuable space.
Bargain if it's the velcro type stick on which I doubt. I couldn't be bothered cleaning up after the adhesive pads.
Your correct it’s Adhesive discs. Glad I didn’t get it, that would frustrate me indeed.

They also had the Tormek T8 but I checked online prices and didn’t see any benefit getting from axm
slightly off topic but I'm constantly using my triton belt and spindle sander. the belt for 95% of things. it's a bit mickey mouse but seems to hold up well in use. just uses standard 4 inch by 610 belts so really convenient as well. highly recommended.