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Hello All,

Just returned from a trip to the above Timber Merchant. Never been to them before and I was very impressed! They have a huge warehouse with about every type of hardwood imaginable. Service very good, very helpful and price seemed very reasonable. £21 a cubic foot (excluding vat) for american white oak. For anybody who doesn't know they are situated near Ely on the Lancaster Way industrial site. Well worth a visit for anybody living in East Anglia.
Hi Alan,

I am glad that they are still the same as when they were in Bishop Stortford. :D They are the best yard I have used. 8)
I haven't used their branch in Plymouth / Saltash for a while but they have many imported American hardwoods to choose from - what specifically were you looking for?
Waka":2t9gbasn said:
Did they not get taken over by Timbnet?

I do believe your correct Waka, but they still operate under the old name or use their old invoices, but when they answer the phone Atkins and Cripps is not mentioned.

I got prices from the Plymouth (saltash) branch recently, anything not instock is either shipped down from Cambridge or Oxford. But the price for my last order was beaten by James Latham (Bristol)
They are now Timbmet.

I have a trade account with them, well I had it with Atkins from when they were in Bishops Stortford,

Order a load of oak a couple of weeks ago and they delivered it from Oxford to Ely then back down to me in Stortford.

How stupid is that, they are saying they dont hold much stock at Ely now, mostly panel products. Never go myself but I wonder whether this is true....

I've been told that thye hold timber there, but only packs. If you order smaller quantities then it comes on an overnight from Oxford into Ely and then gets delivered out. Still very quick but it is definitely Timbmet. They have Timbmet minimum orders and delivery charges. I used to have accounts with both companies and they have been combined into one account. Sales staff are now in Oxford not Ely. One guy I know wanted to go and collect from Ely and was told he still had to pay the delivery charge as it had to come on an overnight from the Oxford branch!
I'm surprised that they have anyone in Ely who can sell you timber, from how it sounds talking to the delivery drivers and the sales staff on the phone in Oxford. Shame really, they were a very good yard when they were in Storford, but always a little expensive!

Johnny B

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