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As the Rolling Stones sung - "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find You get what you need"


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12 Nov 2012
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I find this is always my dilemma, when looking at what tools to buy - my eyes are bigger than my belly. I really love all the big trade rated machinery but I am a light use hobbyist and in reality I don't really need trade rated machinery. I have recently sold a whole load of machines (bandsaw, planer thicknesser, lathe, dust extractor and ducting (cam-vac), pillar drill and scroll saw), mainly because I am moving house and don't the have room and thought it would be easier to start again than move all the above stuff. I kept all my hand tools : )

To be honest it's a been a nice experience, I had resisted for many years but now it feels nice, I can start again and hopefully make more thoughtful decisions this time around. For me going forward I will prioritise the dust collection (not going to get in a debate to which one) and potentially a thicknesser (possibly the Triton) first. Most of my other machines are for hobbies (carving and turning) and I should in principle have enough tools to do the initial DIY that I will need to carry out (router, chopsaw, drills and saws (circular, jigsaw, multitool).

I have little willpower when it comes to spending but I hope I will be able to resist those lovely machines - how does everyone else resist the temptation?

One method, I have used in the past is to justify if I can make something to sell or give as a gift (saving money on gifts) then the tool is warranted or if I can save money on tradesmen then the tool is warranted, other than that it's normally because I have found a second hand machine that I have been able to get working again and I can warrant the purchase.


11 Oct 2014
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If you have to justify it, you dont really need it. However, if you really WANT it, you dont have to justify anything.