Any suggestions for wood for turning rings

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17 Jan 2015
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Hi All,

I would be grateful for some advice on what wood to pick for turning a pair of rings, both to go on titanium blanks.
Ring one: 8mm wide, with 5mm groove to be filled with wood.
Ring two: 4mm wide, with 2mm groove.

So I need something that will look impressive as a thin strip embedded into grey titanium. Perhaps, something that really stands out under lacquer? Any suggestions are welcome, but I am leaning towards either a golden colour or some rosewood or ovangkol, as they tend to take the varnish very well.

Thank you.
An interesting question. Being so small, I think you need to have lots of interest in the wood. What about a burr of some kind on the 5mm? I haven't turned rings, but would you need stabilised wood? On the 2mm, something straight grained, and close grained.
Yep. The size is the challenge. I have some burrs to experiment with - they will probably have to be soaked in epoxy to make them harder.
I did my wedding rings last year. Titanium 2 part core. I used a veneer of wych elm for SWMBO and ABW for mine. They were cut into strips a couple of mm wider than the core and then rolled around a dowel of the correct OD of the bottom of groove in the core band and then used a lot of very thin CA to keep it together.
One half of the core was then put on a mandrel and the veneer edged, fitted and glued to it andn then turned to witdth and the other half of the mandrel fitted. I then squared of the veneer and created a new groove for a mix of fine powder lapis lazuli and bronze. this was fitted by tuning the lathe by hand and sprinkingling it on a bit at a time soaking with thin CA each time until I had it all covered. Then turned using a carbide tip to shape. Mine turned out nicely first go but had to do hers 3 times before she was happy. Will take a couple of pics later and up load
Thank you - I have a stack of decorative veneers, so it's good to know that they work.

ABW - Am I right to guess that you mean African blackwood, not acacia (Australian blackwood)?
The only wood I used to turn rings so far was African blackwood - looks great, but not just quite strong enough on its own - hence, the two-part titanium core.

Potentially daft question - is CA waterproof once dry? It's a lot pleasant than dealing with epoxy.
sorry, Americanblack walnut
I've got a couple of pics but don't know how to get them on the forum. did have a link for imgn or something but cant find it now