Any Festool owners?

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I've no idea how you are trying to use any of the 1019/1219 models. The rails don't come into the user's vision. They can't be described as "front" rails, they are on the side.


And Kapex owners, poor folk have a bar on each side

Drop that Festool on its side and try and cut a 45 to the left on a small piece of wood. The rail gets in way of field of view.
It’s interesting reading people’s opinions on topics like this, I’ll give you mine for what it’s worth.
I am not sure what category of woodworker I would fall under, some kind of backstreet ‘jack of all’ at a guess not that that really matters, other than I do all manner of woodworking from crummy wardrobes made of MDF to full buildings and anything in between using the same basic tools over and over again.
Most of my hand tools have either been given to me or I’ve got second hand for next to nothing, it’s mostly very old and cheap.
My power tools are all ancient (relatively speaking) I have Japanese made makita stuff (router, sander) and Swiss made Hilti screwdrivers, I have an American made dewalt 705 chopsaw that was made in 1996 and nearly all of the big machines I use are pre 1950 and made in England, pick them up for peanuts these days.
They all do exactly what I need them to do, to turn out work that’s good enough day in and day out to get some money for a warm hearth, some cosy shelter and a bit of grub 😀
You can kit yourself out with some fantastic tools for almost give away prices that will turn out a great standard of work in skilled hands and be dependable and reliable for years and years. I seen a woodworking pillar drill back along that had a digital depth stop read out on it with a 1000 pound price tag the mind boggles. thats my entire net spend on all my power tools including my mk1 mercury startrite!!! I am not poo pooing festool kit (I have never even seen any of it in person) or any brand for that matter, all I can tell you for a fact is that it will make my work no better if I am using my old and dated hand/power/machine tools or the top of the range, creamiest gear with every bell and whistle and laser light and read out available


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