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14 Dec 2016
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Hi Just watched two video's by Hans Meier on you tube called back to basics, I know we all - hopefully - experienced scrollers lol, -here is me the big I am after 3 years scrolling- but sometimes its good to look at something like this just to refresh ones memory, and maybe pick up a tip or two, talking of which he mentioned that it is possible to increase the height of the top arm, on the dewalt just enough so that if you want to cut 2 inch thick material ,you can get just enough extra height to clear the top clamp to stop it wacking the wood, so that brings me to a question is it possible to do this on the axminster ex 30 or other axminster saws?? there was also some good tips about dust extraction and the ways they achieved it, it was also mentioned about a method of lifting the top arm , Hans 's own method I will ask him for detains about that as mine is acting up again for the uptninth time, just wait word back from axminster on this problem, any quick fixes please on air blowers that become too slack at the machine end and have a life of their own.

take care