Another boot sale find, must be the week for sharpening find

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29 Jul 2017
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Cornwall UK
Odd how you can go to car boots many times and see very little then twice in a week you find things on a theme but no connection in sellers

I posted about an Arkansas stone I picked up the other day and yesterday picked up this DMT 1200 extra fine diamond stone

I haven't tried it out as yet, anyone else got one?


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This thread


and many others will confirm that diamond stones are excellent and DMT a trusted brand.

So go on, was this only a quid as well? :D
Jammy bas... that is, congrats! Isn't it funny how sometimes things at the car boots can be like buses?

In case you haven't come across this before, the finer DMTs are well known for having issues with the consistency of the grit, with larger particles or clumps sprinkled across the surface. So watch out for out-of-range scratches when you get a chance to try the plate out.
Yes very much a pot luck thing

Went to one today, not a sausage :-(

I will investigate the stone when I get a chance, thanks for the advice on it