And another what is this tools called/used for post?

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21 Nov 2014
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West Sussex England
Good afternoon folks
Well I invested a couple of pounds at my local knick knack emporium in this thing, just because it feels nice and if I knew what it was I could use it purposefully!
Boxwood handle overall about 6" long with the steel part sort of screwdriver shaped, yes with a little work it could be a large bradawl, screwdriver, carving chisel, plumb bob the list could be endless but what is it please?

Agreed thats what it could be but its not London Pattern or Cabinet or Oval or Gunsmith or any other variety Ive found - its short and quite stubby (well it is now) so still whats it? what used for ?
It's surely just a bradawl, ie for making start holes for screws, nails etc -- on the larger size, but don't think it looks as big as 1/4in dia from the rule.

I find bradawls very useful.

Leather/sailcloth awls are similar, but not usually with the screwdriver-type point.

don't think this one is, but just check that the handle end doesn't screw off - some had a set of interchangeable points of different sizes inside the handle
That’s a bradawl. The flat edge (not a point) when kept square will sever fibres when rotated and not just push them aside
I say it's a saddlers awl, I've got one that was my dads who worked in the old Milwards shoe repair factory in town. I've sharpened the end to use as a wood awl.
A bradawl. According to Paul Sellers, you push it in cross grain and twist it 90° back and forth to cut the grain and create the hole. Useful near edges where shoving in a standard round awl might split the wood.

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