J Marples of Sheffield made it but what is it?


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21 Nov 2014
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West Sussex England
So I popped into my local arty tarty shop where they sell all sorts of new/old/recycled things ranging from vintage clothes to a cake icing supply shop - they also have an old tools area. I have previously bought a few tools and a plane, their things are usually cheap, labelled wrongly old sometimes missing parts and unfortunately the owner seems to take pleasure in polishing anything steel with a 3m buffing wheel (?) removing much patina as well as surface rust.
Today I invested £3 in a Marples chisel with a sharp pointy bit but otherwise flat not chisel like at all, anyone know what its used for please, if it were a bit more chunky I could see a use in woodturning, cant see how its for carving either.
Overall length 8.25" or 21cm


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Could it be a soldering iron, are those burn marks on the handle?
Am with Orraloon on the, looks very much like it stated life as a bolstered mortice chisel.
I’ve a couple of unusual turning tools I’ve acquired that were included in a bundle of turning chisels, they’d been ground for a specific one off task maybe. One was a Taylor mortice chisel, new full length, which I reground back to a mortice profile.
Thanks for your comments - its not burnmarks and Ive asked an elephant or two if they would use it so the most likely is a reground chisel for a one off turning tool - with its shape it would cut consistent depth slots.

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