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30 Sep 2022
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Good evening fellow woodworking alumni! Briefly, I’m 35 and have worked in IT since forever and I’m sick to death of the stress of my particular daily grind. I’ve discovered I quite like making things and have always got on with wood-based DIY tasks the best so I’ve decided to take it up as a hobby/therapy. So far it’s slow but I’m enjoying buying tools I have no idea how to use!

I made a mountain wall shelf for a neighbour I copied off a Canadian Etsy shop and obviously had to buy a mitre saw for that (Scheppach on offer in B&Q), and then the father in law commissioned me to build what turned out to be a surprisingly sturdy garden archway with home made trellis on the sides which toluene’s out great, and obviously meant I had to buy a table saw for the trellis (Evolution Rage 5s). And now I have obtain a shed load of scrap wood from a random person of Facebook who had torn down an old car port so I’m looking to try and recycle that into some usable wood so I’ve just got the wife drunk enough to let me buy a Metabo DH330 thicknesser to help with that!

The immediate challenge is to build a proper work bench in the garage to make me feel more professional but in truth, I don’t have a bloody clue what I’m going to do!

Most people are probably a lot more sensible and actually focus on making things instead of buying toys but I was clearly dropped on my head as a child and have a penchant for stressing out my wife. However, I’d like to know what people actually make, either for profit or for fun, out of scrap wood, pallets, or even new solid wood?

A friend has asked me to make a drinks cabinet for his kitchen but I want to use actual “real” wooden boards to get some sort of grain. But I don’t really know where to start buying wood aside from B&Q. Where is the best place to go for a verity of woods and advice from someone who actually knows something? I’m based in Barnsley so any local knowledge would be a bonus.

Ok so it wasn’t that brief but I have time on my hands. Keen for any make ideas!!

Thanks all

P.S. let me know if anyone is interested in pics of the 2 things I have actually made!
Oh and checkout eBay for timber off cuts and job lots , read the description carefully and also that the buyer accepts returns if your not happy with your purchase.
Thanks for the eBay advice. Hadn’t really thought about looking there for wood.

Pics of the shelf and archway attached


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Hi and welcome to this excellent forum.
For wood and tools etc. etc. try Facebook Marketplace.
I have recently found Marketplace to be very good as a lot of goods etc are local to to you.