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For Sale A few goodies to tempt you with.


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4 Jul 2012
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East Yorkshire
Would prefer cash on collection on the smaller stuff but happy to post at your expense :) payment by paypal gift or Bank transfer please unless collecting.

Union Graduate bowl lathe ,purchased from a member on here when I had visions of turning big bowls and platters. Has a fitted VFD which works great when you need to alter speed , i have never changed the settings on this as it works just fine, there is a manual with this VFD if you want to change the settings. Also makes a great rotary sander.
Asking £350 for this and sorry it is collection only due to size and weight, on the plus side if you collect any of the items,i can promise you a warm welcome ,hot beverage of your choice and a chocolate hob nob or two:)

Leigh D3 600mm Dovetail jig. prefer pick up on this as well due to weight . In good condition ,there are no dovetail cutters or box,other than that everything is there including the manual.
Asking £80. Sold subject to collection.

Rutlands precision 4 jaw 75mm chuck kit ,brand new and unused still in box and original wrappings
Asking £60 SOLD

Set of 6 Marples wood turning chisels , wooden handled and around 13" long, good condition with very little use.
Asking £40

Sorby 843H 3/4" roughing gouge ,still in its plastic sleeve, used once and in good condition.
Asking £30 SOLD .

Sorby 845H !/2" hollowing tool , still in plastic sleeve with instructions on it use ,Never been used so in good condition.
Asking £35 SOLD
Trend Routasketch. Boxed, unused and never been out of the box ,
Asking £20 - SOLD .

Milescraft Signcrafter. Boxed , in good condition ,used twice and complete apart from the turnlock router base and DVD ,if you want to use the turnlock system a new base from ebay etc is easily available.
Asking £30 . Sold Subject to payment

Milescraft Circle/Edge guide ,Boxed and unused.

Asking £30. Sold subject to payment

Mitutoyo Digital Calipers, with case, You will need a new battery ,the old one is lurking somewhere on my shop floor :)

Asking £30


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Could I have the hollowing tool and the rutlands Chuck if you are happy to post?
No issue paying for postage
(With Chuck - subject to it fitting on my coronet herald lathe which is M33!)
akirk ,yes they are yours, the chuck insert has a 3/4x16 thread on the insert ,different sizes are easily available .
Thank you - that is reassuring
If you know where I can get an insert that would be awesome - I am not sure I can see them on the rutlands website!

will ping you a pm
I’d like the dovetail jig please Mark, I can do cash on collection if you want to message me your address