3 tpi!


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26 Jul 2007
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Bethnal Green
Wow! A little late, but I've discovered 3tpi bandsaw blades!
Through hardwood like cheese! And a pretty clean cut, too.
Fyi, it's Hakansson, 10mm x 1790.


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Phil, when you post your reply, WAIT until you see the reply in the thread. DONT flick onto the next until you have seen it.
Since doing that I have not lost any posts at all.
Talking of never-to-be-repeated (touch wood, not blade, haha) accidents, see the enclosed finger?
The blade (6tpi) went almost through, along the line, before I jerked it back.

In strong denial, I put Savlon on a sticking plaster around it and carried on. After 2 or 3 days I dared to look at it, expecting the dangly bit to be blackened and horrible, but no: it was pure white!

So I put a new plaster etc on and made a paper tube to put over the whole finger so that it definitely couldn't get knocked. It made reaching for money difficult, but I persevered with it for a couple of months and eventually the finger became as you see it now: absolutely perfect!

I'd read before about finger amputations up to the first joint regrowing and mentioned it to my GP. He said that as long as the bone's not damaged, it should recover, which isn't quite the same, but wotever.
The moral of the story? You don't have to be that careful, only past the fingertip! :)


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GrahamRounce":4kbphkzv said:
see the enclosed finger? The blade (6tpi) went almost through
Fortunate! A good "rule of thumb" is a minimum of three teeth in the workpiece for a good cut - otherwise it's a bit like smashing it with a hammer, so not a chance with 3tpi blade for your "attached" (enclosed) finger.

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