3 piece loft ladder, how to lubricate?


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You can try dry lube. It’s normally used on bike chains in the summer months.
It has the advantage of being liquid at the point of application, so will get between mating surfaces but then dries, so doesn’t attract dust etc
As @Woody Alan and others have suggested, if it’s practicable to instal one, a wooden jobbie may be the way to go for longer term.

Our two came with the frame carcass, etc, work more effectively, take up less space and feel significantly more secure.

When we extended our main bedroom with stud walking towards the landing, we had to remove one folding wooden one and swap it for an aluminium sliding type as there became insufficient room to fold it out.

The aluminium one in comparison feels rickety and is much narrower in depth of tread and general width.

I’ll be buying some spare brackets, hinges and fixings from the manufacturer and create another folding point by sawing the frame at the appropriate spot to create four sections from three which will then fold into the space available.

I’m sure it’s not recommended but if I
muck it up or it doesn’t work, I’ll reinstall the aluminium one.

This doesn’t help the OP other than for consideration of whether a wooden ladder will ultimately help in the longer term.
All done. To clean it out I had to remove the ladder (heave it up into the loft!).
Cleaned with wh spirit.
Liberal spray with the 'dry' Wd40. Quick wipe, re-install.
Makes such a difference.
Thanks for the advice.

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