1962 Meddings Dril-tru Drill Press (Mk2 9373/LT/II) light restoration


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Morning SledDriver
Thought I would take a photo of where I am in my restoration. Motor got a rewire and is purring beautifully. Items in the bottom right of the picture are my last few things to do. Cold blue 2 items, a clear top coat and nickel plate the handles. Better Half has been patient but wants the kitchen table back soon. So assemble time is soon. I asked you in my last post what advice you would give yourself- for me, its a wee heads up on how long it takes spray paint to cure for multiple coats, especially with a cold garage and lovely West Coast of Scotland weather :D Been really enjoyable and interesting working on this, tried things never done before, spray painting, electro plating, cold blueing...

I realise this is a very old thread now and very good restoration by @SledDriver I must say.
I have one of these drills and am going to do a gentle restoration on it, actually it is functioning well and I don`t think needs any bearings or anything, quill has no detectable runout. But it is a bit scruffy and in need of some tlc.
Anyway I am missing a couple of bits, 1 the nice meddings badge for the front, 2 one of the ball shaped knobs on the handle and 3 the cover of the spring.
Does anyone have an idea where to get these bits. Otherwise thinking of trying to 3d print the spring cover .

I’ve got a very similar drill (think from ‘74) which has served me well for almost 10 years but it’s recently got very noisy (sounds like gears not meshing properly) so am contemplating attempting some restoration. I seem to remember looking at it before and wondering how to get at the innards … then giving up!
Hi there.

I’ve also just purchased the same drill that I am going to renovate. The problem I have with mine is when switching it on sometimes the motor just hums. If you spin the chuck the motor starts.
That tells me the starter capacitor on the motor is shot. But I don’t see an external capacitor and from the pics above I couldn’t locate one either.

Does anyone have an idea where the capacitor is located so that I can replace it and possibly what the specs are on the capacitor?

Thanks. Any help welcome.

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