100 mm port dust deputy


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25 Jun 2014
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WALES, Nr Neath
I am considering getting a 100 mm port dust deputy and was wondering whats your thoughts on them were ? Does any one use one if so whats the overall size on them and should i be looking for a 4 in ports .thanks' in anticipation Mock
I have two of them,one down each side of my workshop, each one connected to a jet extractor dumping the main waste into a large food waste bin (easily available on ebay)and the very fine dust ducted outside.They are a lot of money for a big plastic cone, but I've found them to be brilliant. What sizes are you after? I got one off eBay and one from toolovation.
Hi thanks for the reply I have a Yorkleen Woodvac WV2. with 2 motors and was thinking of looking for a cyclone with a four inch ports do you have any thoughts on this ? Also i was hoping some one would get back to me who got a super dust deputy with a 4 or 5 in ports and would give me the measurements to see if i can have one made Mock
Just a little up date i have ordered the cyclone from Axminster should be arriving tomorrow i don't think ill be able to connect it up for a week or so i am in the middle of doing my daughters house Mock
Cyclone arrived this morning so i have a question regarding the lid of my water butt should i use mdf board inside the lid and out side for mounting the cyclone for extra strength ? The cyclone looks a beast and it stands overall height of o is 690mm Mock


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