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  1. humanfish

    Mekkemikkel's new workshop WIP

    Wow, what a view :shock:
  2. humanfish

    Got My 2nd Hand M950 Set Up - now to make some mess

    Thats great thanks, Dalboy has also offered to make copies kindly for me also. I hope to get in the workshop this weekend and give everything a go. I briefly offered up the two faceplates in the pictures to the threaded bar in the headstock and they are too small to screw on, i'll have to look...
  3. humanfish

    Got My 2nd Hand M950 Set Up - now to make some mess

    Well, i had a tidy up and set up the 2nd hand M950 lathe i got during the week. I took some time to scrape some of the gunk off of the body and i unscrewed the black endcap to the motor fan and the metal around the pullys to give it a spray with air and hoover up any dust i could. I also...
  4. humanfish

    Ebay bargain (not mine!)

    Just some basic bowl turning (gradually of different sizes up to the capacity of the lathe), pen pots, nothing too taxing to start with. With the tools as well it will hopefully give me a good basis to practice and work from. :lol:
  5. humanfish

    Ebay bargain (not mine!)

    i bought a Axminster M950 lathe (my first) this evening off Ebay with the following; - 6in &12in tool rests - bowl turning extension - spare banjo (eh? lol) - the head stock tail stock and banjo fitted with Nyloc nuts - The lathe is fitted with 1in-3/4in thread adaptor to take, Multistar Duplex...
  6. humanfish

    Change of username

    I'd be interested in changing my username too. I haven't been on the forum for a while, hopefully it's possible :)
  7. humanfish

    WL West - Show Offers

    Hi all Had an email from the timber merchants i use informing of some show offers they had on selected Record Power machinery. Having had a brief look there seems to be some reasonable offers available, £100 off a Record planer/thicknesser! http://www.wlwest.co.uk/news/offers.asp Thought i'd...
  8. humanfish

    Problem with Norris adjuster on Veritas plane

    Hi guys I'm having a problem with it and i'm afraid it's the second time it has happened. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I can't adjust the blade enough to protrude through the sole. It appears the thread is thicker over an 8mm area preventing any further progress. Any ideas what could have...
  9. humanfish

    Dining table and chairs question. Beware! Large Post.

    Hi Thanks for your opinions guys, it's rather unanimous don't you agree? When i spoke to the person they were saying how much they liked it, that it was good quality and they couldn't bring theselves to part with it. When i saw it, i thought hmm? the finish alone rang alarm bells I think i'll...
  10. humanfish

    Dining table and chairs question. Beware! Large Post.

    Hi all, First off, apologies for the length of this post. Secondly, I've got a few questions regarding a dining table and chair 'set'. The client wants me to produce a table top and two chairs to match the existing set. The idea is to replace the top with solid wood (rather than the current...
  11. humanfish

    Shelf Length - Possibility of Sagging?

    Thanks for the link engineer By the sounds of the reply's i guess it shouldn't be much of a problem, it's good to confirm this. I will do a check when i've machined the shelves up before they go in like you suggested engineer cheers guys
  12. humanfish

    Shelf Length - Possibility of Sagging?

    Thank's for the link Adam Using white oak with a load of 35kg uniformley across the shelf A shelf 720mm wide x 315mm deep x 20mm thick has deflection of - 0.65 A shelf 720mm wide x 315mm deep x 25mm thick has a deflection of - 0.33 A shelf 720mm wide x 315mm deep x 30mm thick has a...
  13. humanfish

    which rip saw?

    cripes, me too
  14. humanfish

    Shelf Length - Possibility of Sagging?

    Hi there My parents would like me to make this sideboard for them out of oak, it's a big bu**er! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y120/b ... eboard.jpg It will have doors by the way :) I have a couple of questions The shelf lengths are 720mm using 20mm stock. As you can see in the image my...
  15. humanfish

    Bessey Axminster deal

    Recieved mine as well today, well happy. I was not in so the neighbour stuggled around this evening. :D