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    We take personal data and security very seriously. The only way an individual could have got access to your email address via UKW is if you chose to share it.
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    I can assure you that we have never passed any details onto any third-party. The only way a company or individual could get your email address from this site is if you've posted it on a public post or shared your email address with another member via PM or the email feature. Hope this helps
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    Has the forum been hacked ?

    Regarding the Flickr image. https://flic.kr/p/VCyhWL isn't a direct link to the image, it's a link to a site, which is why it isn't working. The image url is actually https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4308/352 ... d3b1_z.jpg IMG_1889 by John Fairbairn, on Flickr
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    Sorry to be leaving

    You've been using the forum for 4 years but can't wait just a few days for us to try and sort out the problems you're experiencing? I've been working pretty much none stop, trying to tweak the site since the new look went live. We have been listening and are working as quickly as we can to work...
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    Cross-platform security alert

    Sorry missed this post here. UKW is not vulnerable to Heartbleed. The forums don't actually use an SSL connection so the bug doesn't affect the site. The server however does run OpenSSL which has already been patched. A couple of the scanner tools that I've been testing it with have been giving...
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    There shouldn't be any ads like that on UKW. Are you running any anti-virus and anti-malware programs? Can you let me know what OS and web browser (plus versions) you're using?
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    UKW Wood Price Calc. PC v2 (Tony) & MAC Version (Charley)

    Mac version here :) It's new so may have a few bugs...
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    Re: Tenons, how do you make yours?

    Never seen the splitting method before, he makes it looks quite easy. Not sure I'd get the same results. My last project had around 60 M&T! Cut most of the tenons on the tablesaw and the smaller ones on the router table.
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    My reaons for leaving UKW

    I would like to ask that before this thread gets any more heated that you please take a step back, don't jump to your own conclusions. The decision was made by the moderating team and myself and nobody else. We're upset that Allen has decided to leave however can obviously understand how he...
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    Unexpected drawback to ear defenders!

    Ouch... Whenever I haven't been in the workshop for awhile, I nearly always check under the foam in my ear defenders to make sure nothing in there. Have no idea why I started doing it (although thinking about it now, it might go back to the snake & the router mat incident) and I always laugh at...
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    Adjustable dado / housing joint jig

    Cheers, Mick. I don’t have the measurements here, I built it as I went along out of whatever scraps I had. I’ll measure it tomorrow and post the details. For the guiderails, what you’re trying to achieve is to get the width of the guide-rail (from the edge of the fence) to the exact measurement...
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    Adjustable dado / housing joint jig

    Want to create perfect dados without any fuss? Then you NEED this jig. It’s quick and easy to make and even easier to use…. Haven’t included any measurements as it can be made to pretty much any length (within reason) to suit your project. I made mine out of scrap I had in the workshop.
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    planer blade setting jigs

    As far as I know they're not available in the UK, that was the case 5 years ago anyway. Have just done a quick search and nothing popped up in the UK. IIRC I ordered mine from WoodCraft.
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    planer blade setting jigs

    Is it this set you're referring to? I bought it a few years ago hoping it would speed up changing my planer blades. Unfortunately, I couldn't get on with them at all, wasn't getting accurate results. Not sure if I was using them incorrectly or not but quickly gave up and went back to the old...
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    Ten Years On

    Ah thank you - was trying to think of where UK Woodworking had moved to earlier when replying to a post. MSN Groups of course, how could I forget?! I wonder if anyone managed to get an archive of the messages before MSN switched to Live?