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By Setch
Anyone know what this thing is? I dig it up in my garden a few years back. I'm next to a railway line, and I've previously dug up half a railway sleeper with a spike in it, so I speculate it might be railway related - possibly something to do with the riding of the overhead powerlines?
By Cheshirechappie
I'm not sure about the bar with the holes in, but the aluminium casting in the middle of the picture is part of a point rodding support. It's broken - should have feet at the bottom to attach it to a block set in the ground. You can just about make them out supporting the rodding to the right of the track here; ... 165865.jpg

The point rodding transmitted the movement from signal box lever frame or ground frame to the switch blades and facing point locks on the 'turnout', and points are 'properly' known.
By Setch
The bit on the left is part of an up and over garage door gear, a bit of a red herring!

Superb info on the rodding point, and makes perfect sense as there was a signal blood not far from my house, as depicted in the Painting 'On early shift'. Thanks!
By Setch
It is indeed - removed from a sleeper which after god-knows how long buried in my garden, still stank of creosote when I split it apart to remove the spike.

How on earth did they get it to penetrate all the way through?!